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LATEST NEWS–April 2023

We are excited about our new All-Access Video Streaming Service offering access to our entire library of 200+ history presentations. It’s our very own “Netflix-style” service for history lovers. And you can give it a try with a FREE WEEK-LONG TRIAL here.

Our subscriber list for our weekly multimedia History Highlights Newsletter continues to grow and every Saturday morning, we love sharing brief features about history and bonus programs. We’re also giving away FREE eBooks in each weekly newsletter.

OUR 2023 CRUISE SEASON: This is our 25th year as riverboat speakers and entertainers! We started our season with a brand new itinerary out of Sacramento on the California rivers with American Cruise Lines. It’s exciting after all these years to be experiencing something completely new and different. We will, of course, still be cruising our usual regions this year on the Mississippi River, Columbia/Snake Rivers, and in Alaska, but we’ll also be branching out to new regions. Below you will find our complete 2023 schedule:


Below is our 2023 cruise schedule with American Cruise Lines. We have a diverse schedule including several unique cruise regions and new roles as Eagle Society Ambassadors on select cruises (see these special cruises highlighted in green on our schedule below.)

Here are the cruises we are assigned to in 2023:

If you don’t know us here at History Highlights yet…
My name is Bill Wiemuth. Assisted by my wife, Laura, we love sharing fascinating stories from the pages of history. Over the last two decades, I have written and produced dozens of short history books and audiobooks, and more than 200 video presentations as part of our History Highlights series. We also have created three “Virtual Cruises” that each include 30+ video presentations to recreate the learning, entertainment and fun of a cruise experience. Along the way, we have enjoyed the opportunity to share more than 3,000 presentations aboard cruises and for corporate events across the U.S. and internationally. I also have appeared for numerous regional and national radio television programs including National Public Radio, CNN’s Headline News and ABC’s Good Morning, America.

In addition to the joy of traveling to visit historical sites and endless rewarding hours of research, I am thankful for skills developed as I earned a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Texas at Arlington. I also have been recognized as a Certified Interpretive Guide by the National Association of Interpretation which does training for the National Park Service.

Laura and I also provide musical entertainment on cruises and for events across the country. We often share videos of our musical performances as well.

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Laura Bill `Ths Land` Show

You can enjoy our audiobooks, paperback books, Kindle eBooks and video presentations. Each highlights the drama and significance of incredible, true stories from U.S. history. You can watch, read, or listen to these overview books in less than an hour. Join us for a journey of discovery.

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