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Reviews awarded their highest score
to Bill Wiemuth’s history programs!
…with an enthusiastic river historian…the enrichment is first-class …riveting. Bill Wiemuth brought passion and energy to his lectures.

My husband told me if he had attended a history class in high school given by someone like you, he probably would have gone on to school and become a history teacher.
– Joy Snider, Garden City ID

My friend and I enjoyed your talks and I am thrilled to have your recordings.
– Diane Humphrey

Thanks for sharing your wonderful enthusiasm with all of us.
– Barbara Kohutiak

Your talents and knowledge are exceptional.
– Jim & Susan Alford, Montgomery AL

How lucky we were to have you onboard for education and entertainment.
– Shirley Northcraft, Portland OR

I gave you an “excellent” rating on the questionnaire! Thanks a million!
– Joe Deturris, Venice FL

Your fun presentations and energy DID make it wonderful.
– Joyce Orrand, Fairview TN

(Bill’s) ability to entwine the river and history, and a bit of fun, really brought to life each event. The historical background on these issues was both interesting and educational. Many thanks. – Lon and Kathy Willmann

Bill, your knowledge of the history of our country is second to none and your presentation of the material was entertaining as well as informative.
– Sally and Fred Burner, Bolivia NC


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