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I continue to offer my paperback books, eBooks, audiobooks, and video presentations at affordable prices.

I love producing this series, but it takes a lot! Research, writing, editing, narration, audio production, formatting manuscripts for Kindle eBooks and paperbacks — it all requires time, occasional contract assistance, recording equipment, cameras, microphones, lighting, computer software, online services, and much more.

I have more topic ideas and research notes than I will ever be able to produce.
But I can do more with your help!

  • Get special bonuses! — Join my group of monthly contributors in our special members-only group through and enjoy special videos, Q&A sessions with me, special features, behind-the-scenes access, personal updates, and frequent FREE access to eBooks, audiobooks, videos, plus lots more. We really have a good time. Come and join us.
  • Any contributions are greatly appreciated. Please CLICK HERE.
  • Order programs as gifts — It’s easy to send our eBooks, audiobooks, or videos as a gift!
  • Tell all your friends and family about our programs. Email them our website and a recommendation. Post about us and our website on your favorite social media.

We truly value your enthusiasm and support! Thank you for sharing this journey of discovery.

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