Yellowstone National Park 10-part History Highlights Online Video Series

Enjoy this 10-part video series exploring the fascinating stories of the history of what is now Yellowstone National Park.

Each episode is about 10-15 minutes in duration and will focus on different aspect of Yellowstone’s fascinating history. I’ll share with you the park’s amazing stories, accompanied by some amazing historical photos.

Although the entire Yellowstone video series will soon be available for purchase by everyone — our wonderful Member Supporter group currently is enjoying advanced release of the series as a benefit of their membership.

Please consider joining our member support patron group to enjoy included access to the entire series of 10 episodes, each about 10 minutes in duration. Plus enjoy access to our library of more than 180 video presentations highlighting brief and fascinating stories from American history. Cancel anytime.

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Here are the segments included in the entire series:

  1. Introduction (10:53) — To enjoy this preview episode, CLICK HERE.
  2. Yellowstone’s Earliest Humans (7:58)
  3. European Americans Arrive (10:33)
  4. Yellowstone Exploration (10:08)
  5. The FIRST National Park (15:13)
  6. The Army Years (15:35)
  7. The National Park Service Begins (11:11)
  8. Early Visitor Experiences (11:11)
  9. Modern Management (10:31)
  10. Notable Places (16:11)
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